News One of our artists, Tamian Wood, was chosen by the publisher of Pope Francis to do the cover for his Encyclical Letter Landato Si. And now she’s even won an award for that cover from The Book Designer.com peeps! Congrats! Greg Austin’s feature screenplay “Haven’s End” is an Official Selection at Oaxaca Film Festival […]

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New Release – Thresholds Imprint – Always Ali!

Always Ali! by Christine Marciniak   Promises to keep… Ali Caldwell is ready for her sophomore year of high school. After last year, she vows that this year is going to be uneventful, and most importantly, private. Then she meets Samantha, a transfer student, who claims they have the same father and wants Ali’s life. […]

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News ALWAYS ALI!, the fourth book in the Ali Caldwell series, by Christine Marciniak will be released soon. Ali finally thinks she has her life together, when a new girl at school sends everything topsy-turvy. If you prefer getting your ebooks from iTunes – some of our more recent titles can now be found there! […]

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New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – Rebel Nation

Rebel Nation by Christopher Stires   The truth grows poisonous in the dark In a nation where the Confederacy is a world power, shots ring out, and a famed civil rights leader is murdered. McKenna Alexander is an investigative reporter who isn’t afraid to challenge those in power, and something about this assassination screams “conspiracy.” […]

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New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – Jewel of the Gods

Jewel of the Gods by Gloria Oliver   Weird things happen really fast. When fate sends Red and his crewmates to the coveted port of Syrras, it is an opportunity he plans to take full advantage of. Unfortunately, his search for a little adventure hands him a lot more than he ever bargained for. Changed […]

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ZP Author and Artist News for August 2015

News   Look at this gorgeous new cover work by Brad Fraunfelter for one of his many clients! Nice!   Since we’re based in Austin, ZP decided to go BIG at this year’s ArmadilloCon! We brought three BIG prizes to raffle away, as well as a ton of other little ones. Here’s a look at […]

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New Release – Yesterdays Imprint – Sword of the Mogul

Sword of the Mogul by Harold R. Thompson       Duty has a price Empire and Honor 3 Reconciled with his uncle, William Dudley arrives in India just as the Great Sepoy Mutiny plunges the country into bloody chaos. Resolved to do what he thinks right as the rebellion escalates, Dudley and his company […]

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New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – The Black Nebula

The Black Nebula by Robert E. Varderman         Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of your command chair. The final chapter in the Star Frontiers trilogy The Death Fleet is on course for Earth, and Pier Norlin and the crew of the Preceptor are determined to stop them. True to […]

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ALex, Who Won His War by Chester Aaron     War comes to Connecticut For 14-year-old Alex Kellar, the war can’t be over soon enough. His beloved older brother Oliver is with the 101st Airborne, right in the heart of Nazi Germany’s last-ditch battle for survival. That battle is about to come closer to home, […]

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ZP Author and Artist News for May 2015

News   Artist Kim Antell had one of her photographs featured in the Spring 2015 literary journal, The Rio Review, at Austin Community College.   Artist Yehoshua Reyez shares more art from his creation Axsorg! – a time-faring, psychic, were-spider!   Cover Desginer Tamian Wood shares her Cover Design Portfolio Beyond Design International 2014 video […]

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